Brutal Murder Of Family Dog Results In Just One Year Of Jail Time


(Caution: This story is graphic and may disturb some readers.)A man in Calgary, Canada, was recently sentenced to one year in jail plus 18 months of probation after the brutal murder of a dog.On March 23, 2015, The man, Robert Nicholson, 36, was in a fit of rage after he believed his tenants were stealing from him.


Source: Global News

He was renting out the main floor of a house to the Hossay family. When he showed up at their door to accuse them of not paying rent, no one was home.He broke down the door and found Chevy, the family's Border Collie mix, alone. He reportedly chased her into the backyard and the garage where he hit her over the head with blunt end of an axe, fracturing her skull.


Source: Global News

Next, Nicholson stabbed the canine twice in the throat, but she still attempted to run away.He attached her again with a knife, trying to cut her throat, but the blade was too dull. The man went home and returned with a serrated knife, and finished what he started.After this extremely disturbing sequence of events, he went next door to the neighbor's house and asked to borrow their shovel, which he used to bury Chevy in the backyard.The Hossay family returned to find the horrifying scene and their dog buried. They contacted police, who quickly questioned the man.


Source: Global News

He claimed it was "an accident" and that he hit the dog with his car, and euthanized him out of pity.But the scientific proof says otherwise. It took 10 full minutes for Chevy to die a slow, painful death.He eventually plead guilty to one count of causing harm to an animal. The defense claimed that Nicholson has a low IQ and that his ADHD was a factor in his violent outburst. They requested he receive no jail time.


Source: Global News

Thankfully, the court knew better than to let this violent criminal free. Unfortunately, the punishment seems minor compared to the violent nature of the crime.In order for this to happen, laws need to become stricter against animal abusers. You can readthese action steps from The Humane Society to see how you can help.

H/t: Global News

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