Breaking Into A Car To Save A Dog Is Now Legal In Another Major US State


As we already know, it can be incredibly dangerous to leave a dog in the car when temperatures are rising. And now another US state is doing something about it.Following the good news from California and Floridaearlier this year, along with Tennessee and Ohio, it is now legal in Wisconsin to break into a car in the heat to rescue a dog.


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Of course, rules still apply– the car must definitely be locked and forced entry the only option. There must be a sense that the dog is in real danger, and the authorities should be contacted before breaking in.After this, you must wait for either the owner or the authorities to arrive to let them know what you did and why.Though the law was signed by Governor Scott Walker last November, this is the first summer that its effects will be felt in Wisconsin.


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Since dogs cannot sweat to cool down in the same way that humans can, it is much more dangerous when they are trapped in cars since they overheat more quickly.The American Veterinary Association reveals thaton a 70° day, a car may heat up to 89° in just 10 minutes, reaching 104° in half an hour. A dog risks illness and even death in such conditions.


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We hope that more states will introduce these kinds of laws to save the lives of even more dogs.Though of course, it is easy to avoid this kind of situation: simply do not leave a dog alone in a car whilst the summer temperatures are soaring.

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