Brave Young Man Breaks Into Warehouse To Rescue Pig On Its Way To Slaughter


Wesley Omar is a strong-minded 22-year-old British man who did not hesitate to bypass the law in order to rescue a pig which was cooped up in a farm with hundreds of others.

Source: YouTube

After dark, the young man entered the warehouse where the animals were kept. Equipped with his phone to immortalize the scene, he filmed the entire rescue, which he later posted on YouTube.

Source: YouTube

The images depict several pigs pushed up against each other in their pens with a dangling chain from the ceiling as their only “game”. Paddling in their own urine and excrements, the living conditions of the animals appear to be appalling.

Source: YouTube

Confronted with the scene, Wesley apologizes to the animals, whilst holding out his hand towards them. He then admits:

It hurts my heart to see individuals in these conditions, knowing that they will be slaughtered. All this because people want bacon or sandwiches.

Source: YouTube

The young man then decides to save one of the pigs, the only one he was capable of carrying out of the warehouse to a nearby field. Wesley then escapes in his car, far from the farm. The young Brit concludes:

Each time that you buy animal-based products, you contribute to the cruelty, the exploitation, and the murder. No animal should be killed for food (…). Look at them from their point of view and ask yourself: “Would I want this to happen to me or would I rather live in freedom and not be killed? 

Source: YouTube

H/t: Vegemag

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