Brave Dog Protects Lost Girl Until She Is Reunited With Family


On 23 April 2018, a missing three-year-old girl was found safe and unharmed after spending the night lost in bushland in the Queensland Southern Downs, Australia, as reported by the BBC.She was protected and kept warm - as temperatures dropped to 15C overnight, or 59F - by the family's 17-year-old cattle dog, Max.The dog is partially blind and deaf. He followed the girl after she wandered away from her home and stayed with her under a rock for 16 hours, until she was found by her grandmother.

Max, a 17-year-old cattle dog. Source: Queensland PoliceOvernight, a large-scale search for the girl was carried out by more than 100 staff from the emergency services, as well as volunteers.The girl's grandmother, Leisa Marie Bennett, recounted to the Australian Broadcasting Corp the moment they managed to track down the little girl and the dog, after hearing her call out:

I shot up the mountain and when I came to the top, the dog came to me and led me straight to her.

The girl, named as Aurora, was found on a hillside 2km (or 1.2 miles) from her home.Australian police have even named Max an honorary police dog. Inspector Craig Berry said:

At three years old, I would imagine that the young child would be very scared and frightened through the night and very cold [...]You can hope the dog was good company for the child and kept her warm. It's a positive outcome.

Via: BBC