Brave Activists Jump Into The Middle Of Bullfight To Comfort This Dying Animal

Andrea A.

On Thursday, July 6, two animal rights activists descended upon the Pampelune arena, Spain, and entered the arena in the middle of a bullfight, to comfort a bull in his last moments and interrupt the tradition.

Source: Vegan Strike Group

The animal rights defenders, who belong to the animal welfare associationVegan Strike Group, managed to stay in the arena for several minutes.One of them laid himself alongside the dying bull to comfort him while the other brandished a placard with the words« Stop corrida.»

Source: Vegan Strike Group

They were then quickly escorted out of the arena by the security team.

Source: Vegan Strike Group

The animal welfare organization PETA France filmed the images of the activists invading the arena and shared the recounts of the activists. One of them explained:

The bull was terrified and was in agony. We couldn't leave him to die alone. We represent the majority of people here and all over the world who want the end of these cruel 'shows.'

This protest coincides with the start of the festival ofSan Fermín, which sees more than fifty bulls released and then hunted in the roads before being killed in the arena.[embed][/embed]"This action comes as part of Vegan Strike Group's global campaign against the torture and massacre of these animals for entertainment" explained PETA France.To support the combat against bullfighting,you can support CRAC Europewhich has been working to ban it for numerous years.

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