Blind Dog Who Cried Alone In His Kennel Gets The New Start He Always Dreamed Of

When Jinx the 5-year-old Pit Bull mix dog arrived at the Animal Care Center of New York City (ACC), he was very scared and fearful. Aside from the usual shock brought on bya new environment, Jinx was facing another difficulty: ever since he was born, he has been blind. This makes everything so much harder for the gorgeous dog.


Source: @Caitlyn Himmel

So it was never going to be easy for him when his family dropped him off at the center, saying simply "He"s an amazing dog". According to them, it was just that Jinx didn't get along well with their other dogs.


Source: @Caitlyn Himmel

The ACC confirmedthat he was the most loveable and happy of creatures at the shelter. Despite his disability, Jinx has such enthusiasm for life that he is never sad for long. Volunteer Caitlyn Himmel tells The Dodo:

He bumps into everything but doesn't let it get him down at all. He's very alert and senses movement, even though he can't see at all.

Source: @Caitlyn Himmel

Jinxis full of the joys of life and thrilled to meet new people.There was just one thing that Jinx couldn't stand: when the blind dog was left alone in his kennel, he became very afraid and confused without his beloved family.It's no surprise that he began to weep.Himmel continues:

He's always in front of his kennel, anxious and hoping to go out...He's definitely stressed in his kennel. 

Source: @Caitlyn Himmel

But that's where the good news comes in. Red Hook Dog Rescue revealed on July 13 that Jinx wasadopted from the shelter!After months of hardship, Jinx is finally getting the second chance that he always deserved, and his new forever home has got a dog who will "adore [them] to the moon and back" according to Himmel.

H/t: @TheDodo