Bird Who Was So Stressed She Plucked Out Her Feathers Discovered Love Is The Best Medicine


According to her previous family, Calypso lived through hell. This parrot was so badly mistreated by her owners that she suffered a heard attack after multiple, intense stress episodes. She ended up pulling out all of her feathers.


Source: Instagram/calypso_the_cockatoo

A young woman luckily saved Calypso from these terrible conditions in time, and introduced her to her future adoptive family, where she finally discovered happiness.



Kathleen Freeman and her family fell in love with the traumatized bird who desperately needed affection. The young woman told The Dodo:

I had approached her cage while my mom was talking, when [Calypso] suddenly let out a 'HELLO,' put her crest up, excited, and came right out of her cage to check us all out.

Source : Instagram/calypso_the_cockatoo

For the Freemans, leaving Calypso behind was not an option. From that day onwards, the bird was a part of their familyThe beginning of her new life was not simple... The animal was nervous and anxious after all the trauma in her past.


Source: Instagram/calypso_the_cockatoo

She was not real sure about who to trust, but still very sweet. She was scared to step up onto hands and would only get onto a shoulder. She would squawk and run if any hands were put by her.

But the adorable bird slowly started to realize that her new family would never harm her and today she has been living with them for 20 years. Since then, Kathleen has had her own children, who are also in love with Calypso.


Source : Instagram/calypso_the_cockatoo

She said that when Calypso saw her newborn daughter for the first time, she said "Pretty baby!". Her son got a "Hi baby", and both brother and sistertreat the bird as part of the family.



She also takes part in family meals, whenever there are pizzas on the menu. Without a doubt, Calypso's life is what dreams are made of. "Calypso is probably the most outgoing and friendly little bird," affirms Kathleen. The family sometimes even forgets she is a bird with her funny behavior.



To top everything off, Calypso has become a social media star. She has more than 23 000 followers, and you, too can see her adventures on herInstagramaccount.

H/t: TheDodo