Bentley The Bulldog Overcomes His Fear Of Ladders By Walking Backwards

Bentley the Bulldog is one special guy. He has an irrational fear of ladders and cable wires. And for Bentley, the only way to walk past themis backwards.According to his YouTube channel, Bentley is“a lively 3 1/2 year old, supposedly purebred English Bulldog from Vancouver, BC, Canada”. He may be lively but he's not the bravest pooch.


Source: @YouTube

The Bulldog's Dad recently shared a video of him trying to face his fears. Well, the irony is Bentley can't face his fears front on... he turns around and walks backwards.After he makes it out alive (phew!) of the front door, he happily turns back around as if nothing's happened.Don't worry Bentley, Dad filmed it all and it's gone viral:[embed][/embed]You can keep up to date with Bentley on his Instagram account. Unsurprisingly, quite a lot of people do.