Bear Cub Locked Up In Tiny Cage Given Second Chance With Loving New Family


Sammy is a 7-month-old baby bear who was facing a miserable fate after being orphaned, reports The Dodo.Sammy's mother was probably shot by hunters and she was most likely going to be kept in a tiny cage as a pet or sold for consumption, according to the Lao Wildlife Rescue Center (LWRC).


Source: @LaosWildlifeRescueCenter/Facebook

But thankfully the LWRC stepped in and saved her from being sold at an illegal market this past week, turning her unsure future into a bright one.


Source: @LaosWildlifeRescueCenter/Facebook

The Lao-Vietnam border is a notorious stretch filled with illegal markets and this region propels illegal wildlife trade between southeast Asia and China.Sammy's rescue was most certainly not an easy one - when the group confiscated her from the market, she was nervous and fearful, albeit in good physical health. She must have been kept at the market for several weeks before her rescue, Michelle Walhout-Tanneau, of the LWRC, told The Dodo.


Source: @LaosWildlifeRescueCenter

The group drove an exhausting 58 hours back to the rescue center with Sammy in the car, enduring flooded streets, collapsed roads and landslides in the mountainous area of Northern Lao, mentions the LWRC on their Facebook page.


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At last, Sammy arrived at her new home and made the brave first steps into her happier life. She couldn't stop sniffing, exploring and playing in the shrubs, checking out her new surroundings.


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"Even after a day at our facilities we can slowly see her settle in and starting to flourish," Walhout-Tanneau claimed.


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There are two other orphaned baby bears, Lucy and Missy, who will soon become Sammy's new family.


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Sammy's finally getting the home she's always deserved.


Source: @LaosWildlifeRescueCenter/Facebook

If you'd like to volunteer at the rescue center, find out more here.

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