Be Careful Of This Fatal Disease Affecting Cats And Dogs In Warm Winters

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There are many potentially fatal diseases for dogs.One of the greatestthreats is Lyme disease, caused by ticks. And if ever you thought that your furry friend wasn't in danger of getting bitten by a tick, this new study should leave you feeling a little more careful.

More tick bites in warmer winters

Researchers from the University of Ghent in Belgium published their work on October 11, showing that the number of tick bite infections in dogs had risen last season because of the warmer temperatures.



Source: Vvcofhamburg

Ticks don't like the cold and they die in freezing temperatures. Edwin Claerebout, a parasitologist who worked on the study, explained toLa Meuse:

Ticks can now survive for longer thanks to warmer temperatures than usual.

Of course this applies to all regions where it will be warmer in winter this year after an already warm autumn. So be extra careful when taking your pup for walks outside during the coming months.


Source: Petmd

Dangers of Lyme disease

Is your dog or cat limping for no reason? This could be one of the first symptoms of Lyme disease. If untreated, the infection can spread to your pup's organs, affecting his heart, kidneys and skin... Sometimes in an irreversible manner. Fever, fatigue and depression are some other signs that should alert you.

How to avoid it

The number one way to avoid Lyme disease is not taking your dog for walks in tick-infested areas. A tick needs at least 18 hours to contaminate your pup, so inspect his skin very closely after each walk.


Source: Philly

Some collars or spray repel ticks, too. If he is infected however, aveterinarian will prescribe antibiotics for your pup. Within 4 weeks he should be doing just fine. But be careful, because some symptoms continue even after the treatment. So keep your eyes open and avoid tick-infested parks or forests because there is not yet a vaccine against this horrible disease.

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