Baloo The Cat Realises Her Owner Doesn't Like Her "Gifts", But She Has A Solution


Cats seem to love nothing better than bringing their owners gifts. Unluckily for us, a cat's idea of gifts aren't always things you want in your house - or even your bed.Every cat owner is familiar with the sinking sensation experienced when you realise your cat has brought you a thoughtful "present" in the form of a half-dead mouse, bird or even a frog.This is a scene with which Ben - the proud owner of Baloo - is all too familiar with, as seen onboredpanda andThe Dodo:

“I’d wake up to her on my chest with something in her mouth which she would then drop on my face or chest, and then meow. I don't know if she expected me to think it was breakfast or that it was simply a gift.”

Source: Instagram: mostlyjustpicturesofmycats

Unfortunately Baloo's poor taste in presents was making everyone unhappy; she couldn't understand why Ben didn't appreciate her tasty treats...

She always looked so confused and sad, which made me feel pretty bad.

Source: Instagram: mostlyjustpicturesofmycats

Despite not quite getting his taste in presents right, Baloo is a very caring cat, and has other ways of showing Ben how much she loves him. Ben told The Dodo:

She will comfort me when I’m feeling down. She’s not a lap cat by any means, but when I’m upset or nervous she will hop up onto me, push me back so I lay down and then she’ll just sit on my chest purring like mad and nuzzling my face with her nose. She’s a very loving cat.

Source: Instagram: mostlyjustpicturesofmycats

Given that Baloo cares for Ben so much, she could hardly fail to find a way of bringing him presents he would actually like.What Baloo lacked in the gift-wrapping department she more than made up for in intelligence, and it wasn't long before she went out in the mornings to hunt for a different sort of gift.

It took a couple of months of me rejecting her gifts for her to start bringing me leaves. They were always big, nice looking leaves.

Source: Instagram: mostlyjustpicturesofmycats

Much to Baloo's delight, this new present idea was much better appreciated:

It was such a relief from the live mice every morning that I would show my gratitude by taking the leaf and playing with it while she sat on my chest. She knew she was doing something right now.

Source: Instagram: mostlyjustpicturesofmycats

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