Bad News, Dog Lovers! Study Confirms That Cat Owners Have A Higher IQ


As if we didn't have enough rivalry between cat people and dog people already, researchers at the Carroll University in America recently conducted a survey, based on a panel of 600 students, to affirm that - wait for it -  "cat lovers have a higher IQ than dog lovers."


Source : @CatsofInstagram

If you are amongst the latter, wait a minute before protesting: the same study highlights that dog owners are "generally more dynamic, energetic, extroverted and tend to be law-abiding", while cat owners are usually "introverted, sensitive and anticonformist."


Source : @TheDogist 

But the study conducted by Carroll University is hardly a pioneer in this subject. A few years ago, the well-known University of Bristol in the United Kingdom published a survey with a similar conclusion: the group of British researchers noticed that people with degrees of higher education were more likely to have a cat than a dog at home...


Source : @CatsofInstagram

But neither study denies the influence of external factors on the result. Bristol's study ventures the hypothesis that their findings could also be as a result of more demanding careers, as executive positions also opt for cats over dogs because of the fact that cats demand less attention and time...

And you? Do you classify yourself as a cat person or a dog person? One thing's for sure: the rivalry between the two is far from over!

Image de couverture :@ABCnews