Baby Seal Pup Trapped In Mud Get Rescued By The Most Unexpected Group


In July 2015, one baby seal found herself in a sticky situation, after she got trappedin a muddy marsh whenthe tide went out and got separated from her mother.


Source: Natureland Seal Sanctuary

She was found in the Frampton Marsh Nature Reserveby none other than a herd of cows, reports The Dodo.The 30 bovines gathered around the newcomer which drew the attention of local bird watcherIan Ellis. When he spotted the little seal, he immediately called for rescuers.


Source: Natureland Seal Sanctuary

They named her Celebration and took her to theSkegness Natureland Seal Sanctuary, where she received lots of attention and care.


Source: Natureland Seal Sanctuary

The rescuers determined she had a lung infection and was also severely underweight and dehydrated. The sealwas only a few days old when she was separated for her mother, so top priority was to get her well enough to go back to sea.


Source: Natureland Seal Sanctuary

When she had finally gained enough weight and they finally decided she was ready, volunteersbrought her to the beach, where shehappily waddled into the water, despite being away from it since she was a pup.


Source: Natureland Seal Sanctuary

The adorable animal washappy to be back where she belongs. Celebration certainly has a funny story to tell her friends about the group of cows who saved her life.If you would like to make a donation to the sanctuary and help them do more amazing work, click here.

H/t: The Dodo

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