Baby Rhino Was So Scared After Being Orphaned, Until This Man Played Her The Guitar


Abandoned at birth, this baby rhinoceros had no chance for survival if left to fend for herself in the wild. Luckily, she was found and rescued byCare for Wild Africa,an animal rescue association that has a rhino sanctuary in South Africa which is sadly full of orphaned babies who have mainly lost their parents as a result of poaching.Mark Mills, an employee at the sanctuary told The Dodo:

We don’t know why the mother rejected the calf, but this does happen from time to time.

Source: Care for Wild Africa

Rescuers rushed to help the baby animal and immediately gave her milk and put her on a drip to make sure that the young animal was well nourished.The little rhino was then introduced to Mark, an Australian man, decided to leave his home country for a few months to join the fight against rhino poaching, a cause which is very close to his heart.When the pair arrived at the sanctuary, their newest resident rhinoceros was extremely weak and extremely nervous. So, Mark had a brilliant idea. He brought out his guitar and began to play a song that his band had written a few years earlier.To his utter amazement, the music worked. Mark recounts:

I played to her several times to help her settle to sleep. She would come over to me and snuggle in whenever I started playing for her.

 Source: Care for Wild Africa

Mark has since returned to Australia but he will never forget his time spent saving animals. While this rescue wasn't caused by poachers, the kind man was still equally as determined to make sure that this baby rhino, a species in danger of extinction, survived.To support Care for Wild Africa and help them to continue their amazing work, you can make a donation by clicking here.

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