Baby Possum Finds A Mother In German Shepherd Who Takes Her Everywhere


When this baby possum was found, she was clinging onto her deceased mother who had tragically been run over. Alone and scared, this orphan would not survive long. But luckily, some kind people took her to a vet where they temporarily cared for her.


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But the vets couldn't look after her forever. And that's where Hantu the white German Shepherd comes in. When Hantu saw the possum for the first time, she immediately felt impelled to look after her. With no puppies of her own, and the possom no mother, the two formed a bond like no other. 


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Somehow, the pair manage to travel everywhere together. The tiny possum used to perch on her head, never wanting to be too far from her adoptive mother.


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Then when the two went on little walks, the possum would hang on to the German Shepherd's thick fur. 


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And even now that her adoptive daughter has grown up, they still travel as close as possible. Hantu loves having her possum companion on her back just as much as the possum loves being there!


Source: @YouTube

It seems these two really are an inseparable duo. They live together at the Rare Species Fund which you can support here.

Watch the touching video of the unlikely pair here:


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