Baby Elephant Loses His Mother But Makes The Best New Friend

Andrea A.

A little elephant and his mother fell more than four meters down a construction pit in India. Hurt by the fall, the mother lay unconscious, while the baby tried desperately to wake her up, reportsThe Dodo.


Source : International Fund for Animal Welfare

Help came quickly but they could sadly not do anything for the little one's mother, who had passed away from her injuries a while before the rescuers arrived.The baby was taken to the associationInternational Fund for Animal Welfare-Wildlife Trust of India(IFAW-WTI), where he has been trying to recover from this tragic and traumatizing experience.


Source : International Fund for Animal Welfare

Ghoramara immediately took to another baby elephant, Burhee, and the two orphans became best friends.They now live in the same enclosure under the watchful eye of their veterinarian, Dr.Panjit Basumatary. He dresses the pair in giant socks to keep their feet warm at night. The babies also wear a special, warm blanket at night.


Source : International Fund for Animal Welfare

Kerry Branon, spokesperson of the organization, said:

They get along well together. Both have their formula feeds together and enjoy grazing.

Ghoramara and Burhee are getting ready to meet seven other orphaned elephants to teach them to socialize. Kerry explained:

The duo will be slowly be introduced to the other elephants who have already formed a small herd and go for their wild walks in the adjoining reserve forest.


Source : International Fund for Animal Welfare

Consider making a donation to the International Fund for Animal Welfare by clicking here, and helping them save other injured, orphaned and lonely animals.

H/t: The Dodo

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