Baby Calf Cruelly Left To Die By The Side Of The Road Rescued By Animal Aid Unlimited In India


A very young calf was found abandoned and dying by the side of a road in Udaipur, India. Luckily, Animal rescue group Animal Aid Unlimited were there to help!When they found her, she was lying on the ground, barely able to move after days without milk. It was clear to the team that someone had dumped her, possibly after her mom died, and she was so weak that she didn't even realize that people were here to save her.

little cow

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

Even when a volunteer gently lifted her into the van she was completely limp, looking lifeless in his arms.Severely dehydrated, the calf, who they named Merry, was put on an IV drip and fed milk. For four days they watched her, unsure of whether the tiny cow would pull through. But she was clearly a fighter and, on the fifth day, she managed to stand on her own.

baby cow

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

Soon enough, she was out in the paddock, playing happily with the other cows at Animal Aid's sanctuary. The team said:

Merry’s life is now filled with love. It took her 5 days before she could stand. She needed lots of physical contact which was lovingly provided by staff and volunteers. And she blossomed into the beautiful girl she is today.
cute cow

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

Merry will live at the sanctuary for the rest of her life, so that she will be surrounded by love and never have to suffer ever again. If you would like to support Merry, you can sponsor her on Animal Aid's website!You can watch the team rescuing Merry in the video below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dP4aJALdrUQ

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