Athena, The Dog Who Was Buried Alive And Rescued Just In Time, Has Passed Away

The story about Athena the dog shocked the entire world. Last summer, the femaleDogue de Bordeaux was found buried alive on the outskirts of Paris. Her saviour,Pedro Dinis, managed to find her thanks to his own dog who sniffed Athenaout and started digging. On Friday 19th February, Athena sadly died of cancer in her new home.

Source : @Pedro DiniWhenPedro Dinis pulled her out of the ground on August 1st 2015, the poor dog was on the brink of death. In a state of shock, she was suffering from hypothermia and was severely dehydrated. In what can only be described as a monstrous act of cruelty, her torturer had even tiedher to the ground with a bag of gravel so that she had no chance ofescape.

Source : @Pedro DinLuckily, she was taken immediately to the vet clinicV24inLevallois-Perret, Paris, where the vets took great care of her. Within a few days, the 10-year-old girl was back on her feet and the vets started to see her playful and loving character shine through.

Source : @Clinique Vétérinaire V24

And the best part?Athena managed to find a new forever home in no time. It wasJean-Pierre and Raymonde Delfosse, the founders of a charity calledSOS Dogue de Bordeaux,who wanted to offer hera new life, full of all the love she so desperately deserved.

Source : @SOS Dogues de Bordeaux

Pedro Dinis and his dog, Déesse, the ones whofirst noticed Athena's little nose sticking out of the dirt, even came and visited her once she was settled in her new home. She seemed super healthy, happy and completely at ease."She shows no signs of trauma. Despite everything that happened to her, she still trusts humans", said her adoptive dad Jean-Pierre Delfosse.

Source : @SOS Dogues de Bordeaux

After six months of joy alongside her new family, Athena passed away due totwo cancerous tumours she had been suffering from.Her former human, a young 21-year-old man, the likely suspect of burying the poor dog alive, will be put on trial in March. Whilst he refuses to admit to the crime, his storyis hardly convincing. He claims Athena ran away from home, which is difficult to believe considering her old age and arthritis.

Source : @SOS Dogues de Bordeaux

Whilst we hope that justice will be served, there's no sadness in the fact thatAthena died avery happydog in her new home surrounded by her loving family.

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Andrea A.