As Millions of Acres Of Habitat Is Destroyed Each Year, These Orphaned Orangutans Have One Hope


International Animal Rescue(IAR) is a rescue sanctuary for orangutans based in Borneo, Indonesia. Their incredible work has helped saved the lives of countless animals, many of who get rehabilitated and sent back to the wild.

Source: IAR

For the orphaned babies, too young to be on their own in the wild, they are raised in the forested sanctuary where they learn to climb, forage and socialize.But even for those who are released, space is slowly shrinking in their jungle homes.

Source: IAR

According to IAR,2.5 million acres of rainforest in Indonesia are cut down every year. This is due to a combination of the palm oil industry, which is used in many processed foods, and forest fires.This habitat loss is forcing the orangutans out of their natural environment where they are often captured or killed by humans, despite the fact that they are critically endangered.

Source: IAR

The IAR center is currently caring for 100 primates at their center, but in order to take in more animals, they desperately need space.There is an opportunity for the rescue to buy 65 acres of land located adjacent to their current facility, so they are trying to raise the necessary money to buy it. IAR wrote in a statement:

It is vitally important that we protect areas of forest that are still left standing. The shocking reality is that, if we do not protect the forest adjacent to our center, it will be cut down and lost to agricultural or industrial development.

Source: IAR

The land costs $260,000, of which they have already raised $102,000. This would increase the sanctuary's area by 20%, a dramatic and vital improvement.If you would like to help contribute towards this fund you can make a donation, here. You can also select to "protect a patch," donating $21 to protect 20 square meters of forest, here.[embed][/embed]

H/t: The Dodo

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