Anubis, The Mutilated Dog Who Lived A Life Of Hell Under Cars, Has A Happy Ending At Last

Finally, some good news for anyone who was worried about Anubis, after his foster family announced they were unable to keep him last month.


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After months of uncertainty, the mutilated dog with the tragic past has finally found a new adoptive "mother" in Kelly Hutson, a 48-year-old American who lives in Spring, Texas.

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Anubis arrived at her home on the evening of July 17. She tells The Dodo:

When I brought him home last night I sat with him and all he wanted to do was put his head against me and for me to love on him. 

A hellish start to life

The well-travelled dog can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Born in Cairo, Egypt, Anubis was used as a guard dog from a very young age. He was chained up day and night, with nothing else to do but bark at passersby.


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One day, he suffered unimaginable cruelty: his muzzle was completely cut off. Nobody know who did this to him, nor why they did it.

According to his rescuers, it was probably his owners themselves, provoked by a sudden rage at his yapping…Or maybe an intruder who wanted to get into the house and had to silence the guard dog.

Years of roaming the streets of Cairo

This mutilation marked the beginning of a life of misery for Anubis.He spent the next years of his life wandering the streets of the Egyptian capital,begging for food and sleeping under cars.


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Finally, his luck began to turn. The Egyptian charity Animal Protection Foundation came across the dog and decided to help him out. Anubis was finally able to turn over a new leaf.

Months of happiness in a loving foster family

An international animal rescue group called SNARR quickly took Anubis into care and set about finding him a new home thousands of miles away, in America. In February 2016, Anubis arrived at the home of the Declet family in El Paso, Texas.

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It seemed like everything was going well: the family fell in love with Anubis straight away. Kathy Declet, her husband and their two daughters gave him all the love and affection that he needed to make the new start.


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"I just knew that he had to come and live with me"

But just when everyone thought Anubis had finally found his forever home, his foster family announced the bad news on June 7: six months after his arrival, he would have to leave.

The problem was that Anubis is very protective and dominant, and didn’t get along with the other dogs in the house.

It was at this moment that Katy Hutson came across a photo of Anubis and read up on his story, as reports The Dodo:

I just knew he that he had to come and live with me. I had a responsibility to protect and love this guy that had been so horribly and terribly wronged by one of us. I was ashamed of what one of my fellows humans had done.


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Kelly did all she could for SNARR to give her the dog. "I pestered them until they said OK", she smiles to the Daily News.And it paid off: the team at SNARR quickly knew that Kelly was the perfect candidate to give Anubis a happy, fulfilled life.

My eyes leaked for the first two hours thinking about how sweet and gentle he is after all he's been through. I am so proud to be his new mommy.

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