Anubis, The Disfigured Dog Who Spent Years Hiding Under Cars, Has Finally Escaped From Hell

Andrea A.

Not many dogs have been through the horrific ordeals that Anubis has been put through. The poor dog was born in Cairo, Egypt. He started outhis life as a guard dog, confined tothe entrance of a property throughout the day and night.Like most guard dogs are trained to do, he barked the whole time. Most of the time, he was barking out of pure buredom.

He barked and they cut his nose off.

Lauren Connelly, member of the charitySNARRwhich would go on to look after Anubis, used these words in an exclusive interview with The Dodo to describe the unimaginable cruelty that Anubis' first family put him through.


Source : @SNARR

Aggravated by his constant yapping, his owners savagely mutilated the poor dog who they'd got to protect them in the first place. Miraculously, he managed to escape and survived his injuries.It was then that Anubis' life as a stray dog on the streets of Cairo began. So for years, he agonised in silence, sleeping under cars, begging for food, running away from other dogs...


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But life is full of surprises. One day, a local animal protectioncharity, called the "Animal Protection Foundation", crossed paths with Anubis and took him under their wing.This stroke of pure luck was the start of a whole new chapter in his life. And one that promised him happiness. Happiness at last.

Source : @SNARR

After not very long, another charity calledSNARR, based in the US,took Anubis into their care.Lauren Connelly, a foster coordinator atSNARR, explained the charity's mission toThe Dodo :

We've taken dozens of animals from the Egyptians and brought them to the States, animals who otherwise would be in agony in a country that cannot care for them.

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And they pulled through with Anubis, renamed after the god of the underworld. SNARR managed to find Anubis a long-termhome, so that the underworld of cars and cruelty istruly behind him! What awaited him was a truly loving family.


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Of course, Anubis does have some difficulty eating his food.But after all these years, he's managed to perfect a special technique eating almost upside-down. Nothing can stop this incredibly brave dog.He quickly became best friends with his new canine roommate, a blind female dog who was also saved from the streets.


Source : @SNARR

His adoptive family lives inEl Paso, Texas, and they are dedicated to taking care of Anubis for at least six months. But they adore him so much that apparently it's very likely he'll be with them forever. We sure hope so!


Source : @SNARR

Life has finally been kind to this poor dog who has been through hell and back again. We hope he has the happy life he so deserves with his new family!

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