Anti-Barking Collars Finally Banned In Switzerland

Andrea A.

On Wednesday January 10, The Swiss Federal Council revised some of their laws regarding animal protection. As part of these changes, the country is going to ban the use of devices which prevent dogs from barking. These new laws will come into effect from the beginning of March 2018.

Picture of a dog with an anti-barking collar: jardingue

Electric collars, compressed air and even water-jets will be taken off the swiss market from March 1st 2018 onwards.Dog barking is regarded as natural and a way for the animal to express itself, so to deprive it of being able to do this or punishing it when it attempts to do so, is regarded as a violation of the animal's rights.

Source: vetostore

According to Le Newsin light of this new law, Switzerland is also going to try and put an end to illegal dog trading. Dog sellers must now list their address, the dog’s place of origin and where it grew up, in adverts with more information being required for the government’s central dog database.

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