Another Young Horse Killed At New York Racetrack After 'Breaking Down' During Training


A racetrack in Saratoga, New York, has seen its 3rd death in 2 months as a young racehorse was put down at the end of July. Wanztbwicked was only 3 years old when he 'broke down' at Saratoga Race Course while training on July 22. He was euthanized where he fell after being injured, although the type of injury has not been reported. well as being the 3rd horse to die at the racetrack this season,Wanztbwicked is one of over 50 horses in just New York State to die in 2017. 17 died at Saratoga last year and hundreds more around the world are injured when they are forced to race under improper and exhausting conditions.The high-energy nature of horse racing means that racehorses are frequently at risk of injuries such as strained or broken legs, or just exhaustion. This means that they could 'break down' - reach a breaking point and trip or collapse - while running at speeds of over 40 miles an hour.These accidents are very dangerous for both horse and jockey, but because horse racing is a multi-billion dollar industry, there is always pressure to run faster. This happens even when the horse is injured; the animal is given drugs and made to race through the pain. These majestic creatures are seen as objects for profit that can be thrown away and replaced when they are worn down by this cruel 'sport'.

Source: Animals Australia

Animal Rights groups have been denouncing the horrors that terrorize competition horses for many years. Anarticle publishedin the New York Times in 2012 estimated that around 20 horses die in American rings and racecourses every week, mostly from overdoses of performance-enhancing drugs.Incidences of cruelty involving these animals are disturbingly widespread. Aninvestigation by Petafrom 2014 accused famous American jockeys of – among other things – making their animals run faster using electric shocks.You can find out more about organisations which help retired racehorses such as theHomes For Horses Coalition, theUnwanted Horse Coalitionand theThoroughbred Aftercare Allianceon their websites.

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