Another Sea Mammal Has Died At SeaWorld. And This Time It Was A Rare Dolphin


Yet another sea mammal has died at SeaWorld, and this time it was a less well-known one, a Commerson's dolphin, The Dodo reported. Betsy, the 33-year-old Commerson's dolphin was recently transferred from SeaWorldSan Diego to SeaWorld Orlando and within a few days, she passed away, the company announced last Monday.


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Betsy isthe fourth marine mammal to die at SeaWorld since last June. Apparently, she stopped eating after arriving in the new park and appeared to have a "gastrointestinal issue" before her death, SeaWorld said.The Commerson's dolphin had lived a life of misery in SeaWorld since she was captured in the wild as an infant. She's spent the last few decades confined to a small tank, swimming round in endless circles as entertainment for us humans.


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Betsy was a rare breed of dolphin: a Commerson's dolphin, also known as a “skunk dolphin” or “panda dolphin”. Forced to breed more of her kind given the majority captured with her in 1983 died, Betsygave birth to eight dolphins. Six of her calfs died within a few weeks ofbeing born. The other two were torn away from her and taken to other parks.As of the end of last year, Betsy and the remaining fewCommerson's were living in a tiny 15-foot-deep tank at the back of the park, hidden from the public's sight "because they don't make any money," according to Sarah Fishbeck, a former SeaWorld diver.


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The official cause of Betsy’s death isn’t yet known, and the circumstances will likely remain just as private as much of her existence was. It's feared that the stress of being transferred was what led to her unexpected death.As long as people buy tickets to SeaWorld, the company will continue to breed these beautiful sea creatures in orderto confine them to cramped pools and force them to endure severe levels of stress and terror. Please share this so that we can finally put an end to this entirely unnatural cruelty.RIP Betsy - we hope you finally find the freedom you deserve.

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