Animal Friendship: 12 Touching Photos Of Animals Taking A Nap Together


Most animals, whether they're wild or domestic, love to sleep. Some are focused on finding the best and comfiest place for a quick nap - and what could be better than another furry friend to use as a nice, warm pillow?Here are the cutest photos of animals using each other as pillows, along with some hilarious bonuses. Friends are always useful for something!

1.  This dog has discovered the relaxing power of the purr

amitié chien chat

Source: flechaslife /Instagram

2. Sunbathing is way more fun with a friend!


Source: Whimsicalgeekery/Reddit

3. This owl can nap safely under the eye of her own, personal watch dog


Source: Tanja Brandt

4. According to this cat, you can be your own best friend AND your own pillow

Source: DankWojak/Reddit

5. Other cats prefer a teddy... Or a tail

Source: jumperposse/Reddit

6. This ostrich and this elephant know that the most unlikely of friends can make the best pillows

Source: The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

7. Comfy pals make comfy paws


Source: cakesinyoface/Reddit

8. There is nothing comfier than a cow in the sun

Source: Farm Sanctuary

9.  Sometimes the best nap partner is your mom, as this baby otter knows very well

Source: playfulshark/Reddit

10. ...This baby seal agrees!

Source: thesoftwareslump/Reddit

11. Nap time is made far easier when you have a neck long enough to sleep on yourself

12. Failing that, a giraffe toy works fine

Source: princesse.kiki/Instagram

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