An Abandoned Baby Piglet And A Puppy Have Become The Best Of Friends


Meet Piper, this micro piglet who was abandoned by her former family. Luckily, the baby girl quickly found a new home. No wonder why when you see how utterly adorable she is.


Source : @Instagram

Her new family are already home to five other micro pigs who Piper quickly bonded with. But Piper's parents never thought she'd meet the animal who lived next door...


Source : @Instagram

In fact, her neighbours had just adopted a tiny puppy and Piper got the chance to meet her. When the two baby animals met, a friendship was born. The two of them have become totally inseparable, playing together and even cosying up for naptime.

Click on the videos below to watch the two best friends in all their cuteness:


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You can keep up to date with Piper the pig by following her Instagram!

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