Amazing Service Dog Does Laundry And Other Chores For Her Chronically Ill Human


Dogs are known for their loyalty towards humans, but Harlow outranks them all!

This adorable Golden Retriever was trained as a service dog to help her human, who is chronically ill, with daily chores.


Source: Instagram 

At only a year old, Harlow is extremely crafty and her biggest talent is being able to take the laundry out of the machine... In fact, every time Jacqui Blake, her owner, said the word "laundry", the pup grabs the clothes with her mouth and drops them into the laundry basket.

This is only one example of many household chores Harlow knows how to do - she can also pick up objects Blake has dropped on the ground or get a bottle of water from the fridge.


Source: Instagram

She plays a very important role in Jacquie's daily life, as the young woman regularly experiences fits of epilepsy and narcolepsy.

With such amazing talents, it's no surprise that Harlow quickly became an internet star. The pup has her own Instagram account with more than 70 000 followers, updated every day with adorable, new photos and videos.


Source: Instagram

IN an interview on the website American Kennel Club, the young woman said:

Harlow is such a sweetheart and she’s so selfless. She doesn’t think of herself. They couldn't care less about how they are, they want to make you happy, which is the best trait. And honestly, she loves to work. She can never get enough, she wants to learn more and do more.

Have a look at the pup's incredible laundry talent below:

As if we needed more proofthat man's best friends are extremely intelligent and selfless!