Amazing Moment A Crayfish Tears Off Its Own Claw To Avoid Being Burned Alive In A Pot

Andrea A.

In a restaurant in China, a crayfish on the verge of ending up in a pan ripped off one of its own claws in order to escape its dire fate. The moment was captured on video by a client of the restaurant.You couldn't make it up! While it was on the edge of a pot filled with several of its congeners, already immersed in boiling water, a crayfish tried to escape death by tearing off a pair of claws just so they could escape.The video was filmed by a customer of the restaurant, who then published it on the Chinese social network, Weibo.One be forgiven for thinking that that this crustacean does not have as developed a survival instinct as other animals, yet this crayfish has proven the contrary.After the incident, they were taken back to an aquarium, where they can now live their life without fear of ending up in a human's stomach.The video of the crayfish: