All Charges Dropped Against Woman Who Let Her Dog Starve To Death


An American woman has just been acquitted after being charged with cruelty against animals following the death of her dog.

Stephanie Bates, a 49-year-old resident of Fayetteville in North Caroline had been accused of starving her dog, Bruno, a 3-year-old Boxer, to death.


Source: PetRescueReport

In 2013, a veterinarian diagnosed Bruno with gastro-intestinal problems which necessitated numerous consultations in the following months. However, his condition continued to worsen.

A year later, Stephanie Bates called the vet and asked him to euthanise Bruno, but he refused without even having seen the dog. The pup was taken to animal services in the county of Cumberland, where they discovered his appalling state - he had become so than that he couldn't stay upright.


Source: CDN

Soon afterwards Bruno suffered a heart attack, which finally led to him being euthanised in the beginning of 2015.

But the jury found it impossible to prove that Stephanie Bates was responsible for the death of her dog, saying he would have died of natural health concerns in any case. Experts managed to prove that it was in fact his owner's responsibility.

In the end, the jury claimed that Bruno would've died despite the treatment he would've been given and all charges were dropped against Stephanie Bates. This hasn't skipped the attention of animal defenders and organisations. Members of the NGO Carolina Boxer Rescue bitterly regrets the fact that she didn't hand Bruno over to them to look after, instead of cruelly letting him die.


Source: CDN

H/t: PetRescueReport