After Two Years Of Being Chained To A Tree, She's Finally Tasted Freedom


This is thestory of Japik, the female orangutan who was chained by her neck to the same tree for two whole years. She's finally been rescued by International Animal Rescue, The Dodo reports.

Two years like this, with only a discarded jacket to protect her from the torrential rain:


Source : @InternationalAnimalRescue

Japik's chain around her neck was so short that she couldn't go anywhere. She had no shelter or roof to protect her from the hot sun or driving rain... all she had were two planks of wood above a pile of rubbish.


Source : Daily Mail


Source : Daily Mail

Japik's owner eventually called theInternational Animal Rescueteam to surrender the poor orangutan into their care. He had been keeping her illegally as his pet. Naturally, the rescue team hurried to the village ofKalimantan in Western Malaysia to go and save the poor orangutan who was in desperate need of help.


Source : @InternationalAnimalRescue

Heribertus, who was part of the rescue team, said:

Japik was placed beside a tree behind the house, without shelter or a roof to protect her from sun or rain. When we arrived it was raining heavily and she was trying to take cover under an old jacket. We could see that the jacket was soaked through and Japik was cold and shivering.


Source : @InternationalAnimalRescue

After two years of suffering such horrificabuse and neglect, Japik finally had a taste of freedom. The primate literally reached out to her saviours when a vet approached her to help her, desperate for a helping hand.


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The young orangutan, only four years old, should still be with her mother. Unsurprisingly, she is deeply traumatised and it's a miracle at all that she's still alive, despite surviving off scraps for two years.The chain attached to her neck had left a wound under her chin and when she was finally rid of it, she could hardly stand up or walk. Her legs were buckling from beneath her, having been stuck in the same position for such a horrifically long time.


Source : Daily Mail


Source : Express

Sadly, Japik isn't alone in her plight.Charities like International Animal Rescue sadly come across cases like these frequently.Her rescuers are not yet sure if her two last hellish years will have a lasting effect on the state of her physical health. Of course, the mental scars from her trauma will take longer to heal, if they ever do.She's currently in quarantine but in the loving and safe hands of the charity who will do their best to help her recover.Watch her emotional rescue video here:[embed][/embed]One thing's for sure, this charity are doing an incredible job at saving these poor animals every day. Animals like Japik belong in the wild, and in their natural habitat and should NOT be kept as pets.Thank you International Animal Rescue for liberating Japik!

H/t : The Dodo

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