After Being Exploited For 40 Years, This Lonely Circus Elephant Is Finally Getting To Retire

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Ramba, a 51-year-old Asian Elephant, spent 40 lonely years of her life in Argentinian and Chilean circuses before being seized by the Chilean government in 2010. However, as the the Chilean authorities didn't have a sanctuary to take her to, she was forced to spend another year in the circus, before an American charity finally offered to help her.

Source: Global Sanctuary for Elephants

While waiting for her rescue, Ramba was transported to a road side zoo, Parque Safari, where she had to wait while the team from the sanctuary came to find her. Unfortunately, the association ended up withdrawing from the rescue, and Ramba spent 6 more years in the zoo, waiting to be saved and finally spend time with other elephants.

Source: Global Sanctuary for Elephants

TheGlobal Sanctuary for Elephants(GSE) charity, based in Brazil, then decided to act. It launched a fundraising campaign with the aim of being able to move Ramba to their sanctuary, where two other former circus elephants, Maia and Guida, are waiting for her. Kat Blais, one of the organisation's co-founders, explained toThe Dodo:

The main goal for bringing her to sanctuary is to give her what every elephant needs: the companionship of other elephants. She needs additional space, a more natural life and more autonomy, but the biggest thing missing in her life is being part of a herd.

Source: Global Sanctuary for Elephants

The Chilean government has already transferred official ownership of the animal to GSE and the charity estimates that it will cost around $250,000 to get her to them. Once there, Ramba will be able to take advantage of 2800 acres of grassland, forest, fresh water and veterinary care.

Source: Global Sanctuary for Elephants

Blais finished:

There is an emotional part of her that has never opened up fully. We believe that will change once she is with other elephants and can receive the nurturing support that only another elephant can offer.

Source: Global Sanctuary for Elephants

If you would like to help Ramba get to her new home,click here to make a donation!

H/t: The Dodo

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