After A Cruel Start To Life, This Cat Can't Stop Cuddling The Man Who Saved Him

MeetJasper, a young cat who was lucky enough to find his adoptive dad after his biological mother rejected him. When the two met, it was love at first sight.Michael, ayoung American, gave Jasper all the affection he had been denied.And now the young cat just wants to be withhimall the time.


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It's as if Jasper wants to show his human how grateful he is for being givena second chance,that he's constantly trying to cuddle him.Whether it's reaching his paws out to Michael's face...


Source : @YouTube

Giving him kisses...


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Or his favourite - climbing onto Michael's back and snuggling up to him.


Source : @YouTube

Michael told the websiteLove Meow:

This is Jasper our 1 rescue cat who is now 7 months old. He was a runt and rejected by his mother. He is so loving and adorable. As you will see with the video he likes to give lots of love anytime of the day or night.

Indeed, Jasper seems totally fascinated by his human and literally can't stop giving him hugs and kisses!We'll let you watch theaffectionate kitty in action here:[embed][/embed]

Andrea A.