After 8 Years Never Giving Up Hope, This Woman And Her Beloved Dog Are Finally Reunited

Louise Friedlander lost her beloved dog Tessa eight years ago on Father's Day 2009 in Naples, Florida.

Source: Naples Daily News

The Yorkshire Terrier managed to escape after someone left the gate to the woman's home open and became lost and couldn't get back home.As soon as the dog lover realized that the pooch was missing, she set off to search her local neighborhood, in the hopes that Tessa hadn't ventured out too far, but sadly, to no avail.Although Tessa was fitted with a microchip and was wearing a collar with Friedlander's contact information, nobody got into contact with the woman about her dog. Tessa was lost.

Source: Naples Daily News

Friedlanderhad two other dogs at the time, Ted and Lovey, however, the lady describes how Tessa always held a special place in her heart:

She loved every dog. She has an aura where other dogs are friendly to her. She has no fear of other dogs or people, and they don’t seem to attack her.

After her special Yorkshire Terrier went missing, the dog lover adopted a new dog, Nick. Sadly, a short while after Lovey died after suffering shock from a bee sting.Ted also tragically passed away a few years later. So, Friedlander vowed that the next dog that she adopted would be the last, and she brought Mia into her home.

Source: Naples Daily News

However, just one week after Ted had to be put down, Louise received the news that she never thought she would hear.Eight years after Tessa went missing, she finally got a call saying that her beloved dog had been found. Ecstatic, the woman immediately set off on the five-hour trip to pick her up.The pair recognized each otherstraight away, and as soon as Tessa had received all of her shots, they set off home together for the first time in so many years.

Source: Naples Daily News

Although Friedman is still devastated by the loss of Ted and Lovey, she is just so happy to have Tessa, now 10-years-old, back home with her. She concludes:

It was really bizarre because I put her out in the courtyard and it was like she recognized it. She checked everything out. [..] I love my kids. I don’t have children, so these are my kids. Tessa is back and, oh my gosh, she has a very domineering personality. She’s really a character, but they all get along.

H/t: Naples Daily News

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