After 4 Years Of Hell, This Pit Bull Has Found A Foster Home And Can't Stop Smiling About It

Last March, Kobe, a four-year-old white Pit Bull, was abandoned at an animal shelter inMaryland, U.S, reports theBarkPost. When he arrived at the shelter, he was in pretty bad shape. It looked like he'd been the victim of neglectful and potentially abusive owners.Let alone his shyand nervoustemperament, Kobe was also severely malnourished andhe tested positive for heartworm disease, which can often be fatal.


Source: @Sean Stinchcomb/Facebook

But Kobe wasn't alone anymore.Rescued by theBaltimore Bully Crew, a US-based association which helps neglected and abused Pit Bulls, Kobe soon found a foster family.His foster parentsSean andJade knew exactly how to put a smile back on his face... Literally!


Source: @Sean Stinchcomb/Facebook

The couple already hadtwo other rescued Pitties and four cats in their home, so Kobe was more than welcome.The gorgeous Pit Bullquickly settled into his foster home, and it's no wonder considering he got his own ice cream in his first car ride home!


Source: @Sean Stinchcomb/Facebook

Sean and Jade knew just how happy Kobe was from his amazing grin - and his smile quickly went viral!Sean described the Pittie's transformation to BarkPost:

He is a very happy dog and seems to be becoming happier everyday. I would like to think he knows he is safe.

Once Kobe has finished his course of heartworm treatment and he's better for good, he will be put up for adoption.And something tells us he'll be very excited to greet his foreverfamily with his winning smile!


Source: @Sean Stinchcomb/Facebook

If you'd like to introduceKobe to your own family, then find out more about adopting him here.And if you'd like to supportBaltimore Bully Crewin the incredible work they do saving abused and neglected Pibbles, then you can right here.