After 30 Years Trapped In A Cage, Fifi Is Finally Living The Life She Deserves


Fifi the brown bear spent her whole life in a roadside zoo in Pennsylvania until last July when PETA saved her. She was forced to dance and ride bicycles for tourists for ten years, and then abandoned in a cage for the next twenty.


Source: @Peta

The thirty-year-old bear was in a shocking state when PETA found her. The animal protection association reported:

Fifi is a 30-year-old Syrian brown bear who has difficulty walking and appears to suffer from severe arthritis in her rear limbs.

Source: @Peta

Luckily, the team at PETA managed to save her and threeother bears froma roadside zoo in Pennsylvania last July. The bears had been living in rotting conditionsin a defunct zoo called the Big Bear Farm Zoo Park, and they never left their tiny cages in twenty years.

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Source: @Peta

But The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado took the old bears in and gave them all the medical care they needed. They were now free to roam in acres of grass, swim, and most of all, hibernate, which they hadn't been able to for years.5 months down the line and you would hardly recognise Fifi...

Picture of The Day! "FiFi" a female Syrian Brown Bear was rescued from a roadside zoo in PA along with three other...Posted by The Wild Animal Sanctuary on Sunday, 27 December 2015

After years of abuse and neglect, Fifi is finally living the life of a normal bear. And more importantly, she is getting the rest she has so cruelly been deprived of for thirty years.Watch her incredible transformation here: can donate to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado so that Fifi and her bear friends can continue receiving the best care in the world.