After 20 Years Chained To A Truck, Circus Mountain Lion Is Finally Freed

Mufasa the mountain lion has at last been freed from his chains after 20 years. Although Peru banned the use of wild animals in the circus, many still defied the law. He is believedthe last wild animal in a Peruvian circus to be rescued.


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Mufasa lived in the back of a pick-up truck, chained to the railings amongst rusty equipment and dusty ropes. Malnourished and forced to perform circus acts in remote villages across Peru, there was little hope left for the elderly mountain lion.


Source: @YouTube

But thanks toAnimal Defenders International,they tracked down all the animals who were being forced to perform in the circus and liberated them. Mufasa was the last one they found, and the riot police had to get involved as Mufasa's captors refused to let him go.Finally after eight hours, they managed to cut away the heavy chains and harness enslaving the creature.Mufasa stretched his legs, finally free for the first time in his life.


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Mufasa was taken to ADI's Spirit of Freedom rescue shelter near Lima where his rehabilitation started. His appetite and coat condition started to improve, after the vets nursed him back to health. He was then taken on a three-day journey to his forever home in a reserve in the Amazon rainforest.The mountain lion is now walking in his natural habitat after twenty years. It is thought he was snatched from the wild as a cub.


Source: @YouTube 

At last, the beautiful animal is on the road to recovery. His psychological scars will take longer to heal though, and might never.Please help us stop atrocities such as these from happening by supporting ADI here. No animals in the wild deserve to live in captivity and under such vile conditions.Watch the video of Mufasa's rescue here:

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