Adorable Two-Headed Calf Inspires Everyone She Meets


The McCubbins own a family farm in Kentucky, USA, and have been raised on farms all their lives. That's why it was such a shock when they discovered Lucky, a calf born on the farm. Lucky was 5 days old when they found her earlier in September, but she was different from any other calf the family had ever seen... She had two heads!


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They immediately had the baby checked out and discovered she had cleft palates in both her mouths and was unable to nurse from her mother, so the farmers have been bottle-feeding her. Brandy Abell McCubbin told The Dodo:

We are treating Lucky like any other calf we have had to bottle-feed. Things are just a little different and unique!

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In the beginning it was difficult for the calf to stand because of the size of her head and her poor balance, but she's starting to walk around and become stronger every day.

Posted by Brandy Abell McCubbin on Thursday, 29 September 2016

Lucky isn't about to let her differences stand in her way! Brandy, a special education teacher who helps children overcome challenges of being different, know exactly how Lucky feels. She continued:

Lucky is a calf with special needs and we are working hard trying to meet her needs. My students are in love with her and keep asking if they can watch her on TV and come to my house!

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Everyone is inspired by Lucky's determination and spirit. She seems to have no idea she's any different from other animals. Two heads only means the more, the merrier!


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