Adorable Rescue Cat Takes The Internet By Storm With Her Crazily Long Legs

Andrea A.

An adorable little cat stole the hearts of millions of people at the beginning of July .It all stated with a post on Reddit by one of its users, McPokie, who uploaded a photo of an unusual shelter cat near his home in western Australia. And what was funny about this particular ball of fluff? Her long legs!The 2-year-old cat was rescued by Cat Haven WA after being found wandering the streets with no collar or microchip. Although she was very young, the little feline, who they named Quenda, had already had several litters of kittens.

#AdoptMe #PetBarn #CathavenauHello, I'm Quenda =)I'm a teeny tiny little thing!They it's because I started having...Publi�� par Cat Haven WA sur��samedi 29 avril 2017

The photos of Quenda quickly gained her many admirers online and her fans came up with lots of nicknames for her, like Edward Scissorpaws and Spidercat. Others compared her to paintings by Salvador Dali, an artist famous for his sketches of spindly-legged animals, or a character in a Tim Burton film.Happily, Quenda had been adopted earlier this year in May, after her latest litter of kittens were old enough to be adopted too. After a spay and a last check up, the long-legged cat was taken home by her new family, ready for a life of love, cuddles and not-so-sneaky cat-naps!Around the world, there are thousands of cats like Quenda who live their lives in shelters and rescues. Before buying a cat from a breeder or pet shop, please consider adopting one of these animals, who only need a little bit of love to become the best of companions!You can donate to Cat Haven through their website and, if you are thinking of adopting your own little fur ball, please research shelters and rescue centers in your area!

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