Adorable Little Boy Can't Stop Crying When He Meets His Future Best Friend

Andrea A.

This video has made its way all around the internet. Why? Because it's practically impossible to resist this little boy's tears when he meets his new companion, a little Chihuahua.

The scene takes place in Los Angeles at the Insight Animal Rescue shelter which puts dogs up for adoption.

When his mum hands over their soon-to-be dog, the little boy just can't contain his emotions.


And the reason for his tears? The little pup is just "too cute", explains Mia Anelli, the shelter's director.

When his mum asks him "What's wrong?", you can just about hear him murmur through his tears that "She's just beautiful".


As for the Chihuahua...well, she doesn't really get her future human's reaction, comforting him with just a few licks.

Watch the adorable scene for yourself: