Adorable Kitten Bounces Back After Nearly Burning To Death


When firefighters found a kitten in a pile of burning rubble last June, they didn't know if she would make it. They had been called to put out a garden fire in Sunderland, UK, when they heard her screams. Luckily, they acted quickly enough to save her life, but not before she had gotten severe burns to her face, paws and body.(Warning: graphic images)

Source: RSPCA

By the time she was rushed to the RSPCA branch in Felledge, she was in a very sorry state and in a lot of pain, as receptionist Luka Atkinson told the BBC:

 The skin on all four of her pads was burnt off and the fur on her face, tummy and legs was singed - she was lucky to be alive.

She was quickly given a course of emergency treatment, with nice, cool baths and plenty of bandages for her damaged paws, as well as dedicated, round-the-clock care.

Source: RSPCA

But instead of giving in to her injuries, the tiny kitten pushed through and bounced back, earning her her name - Phoenix. Now, 8 weeks after she was rescued, she loves to run and play with the other kittens at the rescue center and is well on the way to a full recovery.Atkinson continued:

It's definitely been tough seeing Phoenix go through her recovery and she's not out of the woods yet, but the whole time we have had her here she has been eating really well, drinking, and has loved cuddles and playing, so we knew we had to keep going with her treatment and give her a chance.

Phoenix's lucky rescue rescue and recovery has lead to her being called 'Britain's luckiest cat' and many people have contacted RSPCA Felledge to ask if they can adopt her. The center has responded that she still has "a way to go" before she can go to her forever home, but that they are confident that she will be able to live a normal and happy life.

Source: RSPCA

It is very likely that Phoenix was a stray and was hiding in the rubble to find shelter, like many animals do. If you are about to start a bonfire or anything similar, please make sure that there are no sleeping animals hiding in it, especially in autumn and winter.You can help cats like Phoenix and support the amazing work the RSPCA does by donating to them via their website! If you live in the United States you can donate to the ASPCA.

H/t: BBC News

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