Adorable, Heavily Pregnant Dog Gives Her New Family A Massive Surprise Only 18 Hours After Reaching Safety

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Chris and Mariesa, wanting to foster a dog alongside their large, happy family, visited the Cuyahoga County Kennel in Ohio to find their new 4-legged friend. There, they met Storie, an adorable pup in particularly difficult circumstances; she was heavily pregnant.At first, Chris was quite hesitant to take her on, worrying about their ability to look after a new dog and her tiny puppies. But once they saw her, the couple fell head over heels for the sweet canine.“I’m trying to think, ‘Is this going to work? Is there any way we can make this work?’" Chris told Newsner. "And [Mariesa] in the meantime was just like, ‘Let’s save the dog, that’s why we’re here.’”

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So Chris and Mariesa took Storie home, taking her to the vets on the way for a quick check up. An x-ray revealed 12 tiny puppies waiting to be born! The dog, finally out of the shelter and in a safe, warm home, gave birth to her litter only 18 hours after being brought home.

Source: YouTube

Sadly, Chris and Mariesa couldn't keep every bundle of joy, but all the puppies were eventually adopted by loving families. Storie herself found a happy home with Chris's best friend!

Source: YouTube

Watch the wonderful tale of Storie and her puppies below:[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vxdUXoVLl0[/embed]If you are thinking of getting a pet, please consider adopting through one of your local shelters, such as theASPCAif you are from the U.S. or theRSPCAif you live in the U.K.

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