Adorable Baby Cow Who Was Desperately Bleeding On The Street Can't Stop Jumping For Joy

The team at Animal Aid Unlimited are continuing to transform the lives of animals across the globe. This time, it was an injured baby cow in India.The calf, later baptisedBambi, was lying on the ground with his hoof bleeding and sore from being run over. Flies were keeping sad company with the worse-for-wear little cow.


Source: @Animal Aid/ YouTube

A generous passer-by had tied a rag around his injury to slow down the bleeding.Soon, the team arrived on the scene and picked up the little cow to take him to safety.


Source: @Animal Aid/ YouTube

His mother wasn't too happy about having her baby taken away from her! But this was no problem for the team at Animal Aid: they simply took the mother cow with them too.


Source: @Animal Aid/ YouTube

And now Bambi was in safe hands.The team discovered that one of his hooves had been completely torn. This would require many weeks of treatment.


Source: @Animal Aid/ YouTube

They got to work straight away, cleaning out the wound and wrapping it in bandages to keep it sanitary. Bambi was so patient and docile as they dressed his wound.


Source: @Animal Aid/ YouTube

With the help of Animal Aid, Bambi recovered completely. He's having all the fun you can imagine jumpingaround and making friends with the other cows.


Source: @Animal Aid/ YouTube

Though he always has time for his mother!


Source: @Animal Aid/ YouTube

And it's clear that the Animal Aid team will always have a special place in his heart...


Source: @Animal Aid/ YouTube

Enjoy this adorable video of his recovery:

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