Adopted Boy And Adopted Puppy Help Each Other Feel At Home


When Kari Lewis adopted her son Buddy, he was one year old and she was determined to make him feel at home. For the young woman from Portland, being an adoptive mother is the most beautiful and the most difficult experience at once.


Source : Instagram / ReaganDoodle

It is not easy to make a child feel like he is in his own home right from the start.

In order to help him make his transition, Kari had the idea of adopting a puppy, so she found Reagan, a Labradoodle. He was the exact same age as Buddy and together the two would make their place in their new home.



Source : Instagram / ReaganDoodle

The two immediately got along like a house on fire. They are inseparable, always looking out for one another and share everything, even their birthday. Buddy and Reagan will both turn three in February and it is only the beginning of a long friendship.


Source : Instagram / ReaganDoodle


Their story shows that a pet can help anyone gain confidence in themselves and overcome any obstacles life throws at them.


You can follow the adorable pair's adventures on their Instagram account.