Abused Dog Too Scared To Even Move Finally Comes Out Of Corner To Thank Rescuers

Saving a life is an experience like no other. For "parents" of rescued pets, there are a few moments that make everything worthwhile after a lot of time and effort spent on the animal.For Kimberly Slown, this moment was last week Sunday.She hadbrought home an abused dog, Niya, from the Gibson County Animal Shelter in Trenton, Tennessee. She had been abandoned by her former owner, causing her to become miserable and scared of everyone, not moving fromher kennel.


Source: Arrow Dog Rescue

Slown knew what to look for inabused dogs as she had rescued hundreds of them through her association, Arrow Dog Rescue. She noticed scarring on Niya's face, possibly from being hit or having a can put on her snout as a muzzle... And those were only the signs of physical harm.


Source: Arrow Dog Rescue

The pup was too terrified to move when the time came to go to Slown's home, hiding her tail between her legs and crawling into the corner. She stayed there for nearly two days, not interacting with anyone, too scared to even move.[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUS87uOBN7A[/embed]But on the second night, something incredible happened. Slown, fast asleep in her bed, woke up to a warm breath on her hand as it was dangling off the edge of the bed... It was Niya. She had come to say thank you.


Source: Arrow Dog Rescue

Slown told The Dodo:

I woke up and immediately paid attention to her, petting her and talking to her. She smiled and leaned in. A couple of hours later, the same thing. It was overwhelming. I was crying.

Niya is still in very bad condition, struggling with different kinds of worms, but she's on the road to recovery. The pup seems to be loving her new life and trusting her humans more and more each day. She has got her very own bed, she gets to ride in the car and she's showered with affection.


Source: Arrow Dog Rescue

In just a few short days, Niya has already given Slown so many moments of gratitude that make everything worthwhile. There's no doubt she will keep on giving once she is ready to be put up for adoption.

Baby steps. Every tiny interaction with Niya is a baby step. But really, if you think about the fact she's only been here about 4 days, she's already improving by leaps and bounds. ?Posted by Arrow Dog Rescue-Animal Rescue Revolution on Wheels on Wednesday, 28 September 2016

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