Abuse Was So Normal To This Dog That He Was Terrified Of Stepping Inside New Home

There was something that looked like a dead dog lying next to the road when a person approached to investigate. As they got closer, however, the thing moved. The dog was alive, but barely, reports The Dodo.


Source: @HoustonK911

Samantha, a local rescuer, received a call for help and was on the scene immediately. The dog, named Watson, was in such a weak state that he hardly paid attention to the people around him.Samantha told The Dodo:

He didn't even get up when I approached him. I gently woke him up and put a slip over his neck and escorted him to my car.

Source: @HoustonK911

A visit to the vet cleared up the long list of medical problems 10-year-old Watson had accumulated over a long period of time, including missing teeth, different types of mange, heart disease and heartworms. He was skeletal and frail. It was obvious that he had spent his whole life chained up.But Watson is an amazing dog. Even in his devastating condition, he started eating, drinking and wagging his tail when he was surrounded by his rescuers at the vet's office.


Source: @HoustonK911

Houston K911 Rescue took Watson in to look after him during his treatments. A life of love and compassion was finally on the cards for this neglected and poor pup. They said on their Facebook page:

For as long as he will allow, we will fight for Watson. We will give him everything to make him comfortable and happy. He was denied for so long. He will not be denied again.

Source: @HoustonK911

Samantha offered to be Watson's foster mom until he recovers enough to be adopted. But when Watson arrived at her house for the first time, he reacted strangely.


Source: @HoustonK911

Watson wouldn't go inside. It was as if he'd never been allowed inside a house before. Samantha said that for the he wouldn't sleep on the doggie bed either.After a day or two, however, Watson started to realise that the bed, the treats, the toys and the love were all for him. He had clearly never been given any of this in his life before, so he seemed to be loving the pampering.


Source: @HoustonK911

His new friends threw him a party with treats, cakes and photos. Watson was the reason everyone was celebrating - he had overcome death and was on his way to a happy new life.


Source: @HoustonK911

Watson won't be put up for adoption until he is completely healthy, but in the meantime a foster-to-adopt family with the experience to care for his particular medical situation is welcome.Samantha summed it up perfectly:

He has shown the world that it's never too late to live your dream.

So that more of these neglected animals just like Watson can find the homes they deserve, you can help support the ASPCA in the US or the RSPCA in the UK, who help rehome abandoned pets. Please remember - adopt, don't shop.

H/t: @TheDodo