Abandoned When He Was 21, Tigger Is Now Living Life To The Fullest With His New Parents


At the age of 21 years old,Tigger,this adorable ginger tomcat, was abandoned. A few months ago,Adriene Buisch found out about Tigger's story on Facebook and decided to adopt himto give himthe best possible end to hislife.


Source : @Facebook

Shortly after Tiggercame home with her, Adriene realised her feline friend's health was not in a great state.After a visit to the vet, they discovered that poor Tigger had a golfball-sized tumour and kidney failure.


Source : @Facebook

Rather than making sure Tigger was as comfortable as possible in hisnew home, Adriene and her boyfriend wanted to make sure hehad the best last few months on Earth.


Source : @Facebook

It was decided: Tigger would have a bucket list. So Adriene set up aFacebook pagefor Tigger so that she could keep people up to date with their adventures. On it she writes:

 We decided to create a bucket list full of random adventures! Though it might not be much to others, all the little trips outside are a blast for him because he loves to be outdoors...the beach being his favorite so far.

Source : @Facebook

But over the course of his adventures, Tigger has proved to still have the energy and vigour of a young cat. His mummy said:

We were expecting to give him a comfortable home for his remaining days.....we WEREN'T expecting him to have such an adventurous, vibrant, and hilarious personality!

By sharing Tigger's story, Adriene wants to encourage people to adopt senior animals, who are often the ones left behind in shelters.

Adopt older pets! It's the most rewarding thing you could ever do...and they love you right back for it!