Abandoned Puppies Found by School Bus Driver in Missouri


A school bus driver in St. Louis, Missouri, found herself in a heart-wrenching situation when she noticed a pile of fur on the road just a few feet ahead of her. Initially believing the dark, fluffy mound to be an inanimate object, she was surprised to see movement coming from within it. Intrigued, she stepped off the bus to investigate and discovered a group of six puppies shivering and whimpering. Realizing they needed help, she contacted Stray Rescue of St. Louis (SRSL) for assistance.

Donna Lochmann, chief life-saving officer with SRSL, recounted the bus driver's report of finding six puppies in a field, with four of them closer to the road. Despite not immediately spotting the puppies at the given location, Lochmann persisted in searching due to the rain and the urgency of the situation. She finally found the first four puppies, soaked and cold from the heavy rainfall, shivering and crying. Lochmann and her colleague gathered the pups and placed them in her Jeep before starting to look for the remaining two.

Lochmann discovered the last two puppies hidden in a nearby area of brush and trash. After rescuing the entire litter and reuniting them in the warm vehicle, they were taken to the shelter, where Lochmann bathed them to warm them up. She then fed them wet food, noting that they were extremely hungry. Once their bellies were full, the puppies curled up together and napped while SRSL staff made arrangements for their foster care.

All six puppies, estimated to be around 6 or 7 weeks old, quickly found foster homes. Since they were too young to be placed in foster care individually, SRSL ensured that they would be placed in pairs. Today, the puppies are thriving in their foster homes and will soon be ready for adoption. Lochmann expressed her gratitude to the bus driver for calling in the rescue, as the puppies likely would not have survived the day without help. She is delighted with their progress and looks forward to watching them grow and find their forever homes.