Abandoned Pup Found All Alone, Attached To Barbed Wire


This dog had been barking frantically when finally a passer-by stopped and paid attention. If they had not stopped, the pup would never have survived. She was attached to the gate of a private, isolated property and left all alone close to the town of Mons in Belgium.

Nathalie Simon, a volunteer from the Belgian association, Animal Rescue Cruelty Investigations (ARCI), said:

It is really lucky that someone passed by there. She heard the dog barking a few gardens over as she was walking, and realized. She could hardly see anything among the trees. 


Source : DH

A neighbor had also heard barking, but could not find where it was coming from.The pup was abandoned, attached to a barbed wire fence with a very tight collar, leaving her no chance of moving around. Simon continued:

We had to use a pair of pliers to set her free. She would have surely died of strangulation 48 or 72 hours later if nobody had found her. The woman took the dog back to her house temporarily to give us time to find out if she had a chip for identification.

Unsurprisingly, the pup - thin and terrified - was not chipped for identification, despite the laws. This makes it much more difficult to track down her previous owners and to obtain justice for this abandoned dog. The ARCI has launched an investigation and is calling on anyone with information to hand it over.

The association is hoping to find the pup a good foster home before putting her up for adoption.