Abandoned Kitten Who Lost Both Eyes Is Recovering Her Taste For Life


She's so young, and that makes this baby kitten's story all the more heartbreaking.

The adorable grey ball of fluff was found abandoned in June in Philadelphia, before being rescued and taken to the city's animal shelter.


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The little kitten was jut a few weeks old but was suffering from such a serious respiratory infection that it had spread to her eyes, and the poor thing lost her eyesight.

When she arrived at the ACCT animal shelter in Philadelphia, the kitten - who was soon renamed Braille - was in a truly shocking state. Quite aside from her infection, the kitten was extremely underweight, weak and covered in fleas.

But the vets started with her eyes, trying to treat her with a strong course of antibiotics as well as eyedrops and hot compresses every four hours.


Source : @HuffingtonPost

Erin Signor, who fostered and nursed the little kitten, remembers this heartbreaking moment for The Huffington Post:

It was painful and difficult for her to eat and breathe, and she was permanently shaky the first three or four days of care. I actually cried for hours because of how lethargic and distressed the poor kitten was.

Volunteer at ACCT Philadelphia and Signor's girlfriend,Sara Konnecke was convinced they'd be able to save Braille in spite of her feeble state, and refused to abandon her.


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But this unfortunately came at a cost: they had to remove the kitten's eyes. Since then, Braille has been recovering at Erin and Sara's home, who wanted to look after her during recovery.The two women are completely devoted to Braille and are doing all they can to get her back on her feet. And it seems like their work is finally paying off. They are happy to reveal:

We took her back home and she purred for the first time ever once she was taken out of her crate. [...] She has been improving and trying new things every day since.

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Despite being blind, Braille has quite a strong character:

She actually has an adorable little personality! She really loves to jump while she’s playing. She also really loves high places, or little spaces she can fit onto...

Nowher health problems have been taken care of, Braille is living a relatively normal cat's life and shouldsoon be put up for adoption. Well, that's if Erin and Sara allow it! The couple have become quite attached to the kitten...

"Once she is spayed and has fully recovered in a few months, she will technically be up for adoption but we fully intend on never letting her go,” they say. “She’s ours—for sure!”

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