Abandoned In A Cemetery, This Dog Waited Weeks Before Being Saved

Andrea A.

Angelica, an adorable little dog, was abandoned in a cemetery by her owners, who no longer wanted to take care of her, reportsThe Dodo.


Source: Hope For PawThe animal was able to survive, more or less, for one month, before an employee of the cemetery contactedHope For Paws, an organization of help and rescue. A team immediately hit the road to save the pup. Once arrived, the task proved to be less arduous than feared.


Source: Hope For Paws

Apprehensive, Angelica first hid in the bushes while she evaluated the situation. When the volunteers offered her food, the sweet girl didn't hesitate one second in coming out, finally feeling secure. Eldad Hagar, member of Hope For Paws, explains:

Lisa approached calmly, and Angelica surrendered right away and you can see the relief in her eyes. Seven minutes after we spotted Angelica, she was already in my car.


Source: Hope For Paws

Angelica was then entrusted to the association Rescue From the Hart, situated near Los Angeles, California before being placed with a foster family.


Source: Hope For Paws

Elad Hagar concludes:

She is so loving, playful, loves people, dogs and toys. She is so happy to be alive and all she needs now is a loving forever home.

Watch the video of Angelica's rescue below:


Please make a donation to Hope For Paw to support their daily fight for abondoned dogs.

H/t: The Dodo